《Spanish Harlem Incident》歌詞:by Dylan The Byrds mp3歌詞

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Spanish Harlem Incident – The Byrds

Gypsy gal, the hands of Harlem

Cannot hold you to its heat

Your temperature’s too hot for taming

Your flaming feet burn up the street

I am homeless come and take me

Into reach of your rattling drums

Let me know babe about my fortune

Down along my restless palms

Gypsy gal, you got me swallowed

I have fallen far beneath

Your pearly eyes so fast and slashing

An’ your flashing diamond teeth

The night is pitch black, come and make my

Pale face fit in to place,ah, please!

I gotta know babe, I’m nearly drowning

If it’s you, my lifelines trace

I been wond’rin’ all about me

Ever since I seen you there

On the cliffs of your wildcat charms I’m riding

I know I’m ’round you but I don’t know where

You have slayed me, you have made me

I got to laugh halfways off my heels

I got to know babe, will you surround me?

So I can tell if I’m really real

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