《What U Doin》歌詞:by Anderson(JamesMillerParke Big Sean mp3歌詞

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I say that shit again, I said it once before

I just, I just, I just, I just want it all

I glisten and shine with misses’ fine model chick, big behind

Bad enough to skip the line but to me she just a nine

I hop up out that double-0 you can call me Mr. Bond

Bitch I am a monster, I belong in District 9

Catch me in my office, office, doing business

Fuck you doing, bullshitting

[Verse 1]

I get all the eyes when I step inside and

They all arise when I am arrivin’

Bring out the Rose, Nuvo, Ciroc and

Bring out the OJ like Johnny Cochran

I guess they on son, cause my neck look like horizon

Just a million people behind me and I don’t have Verizon

Man I’m chillin with my niggas nigga, and a couple cool bitches

The fuck you doin’, bullshittin’

[Verse 2]

Me and my niggas say it ain’t Ton

Hundred pretty girlies singing our song

Yeah I kick my feet up you can’t say that I ain’t home

And I be blowing on that reefer you can’t say that it ain’t strong and

She just, she just, she just, she just want a long dick

I put it in her mouth and now that bitch look like a conehead

When I’m done go ahead, what the fuck this is

The fuck you doing? Bullshitting

[Verse 3]

I hear, I hear, I hear man but that shit just don’t compare

I tell you you the best, when I’m looking in the mirror

By the time y’all over here, I’m prolly over there

And by the time you riding what I’m riding on I’m in the air

No wonder why my mind is so cloudy, I’m drowsy

My frequent flier miles is in the thousies I’m outtie

Somewhere chilling in Maui, swimming with the scuba fishes

The fuck you doing? Bullshitting

[Verse 4]

Nigga I be splargin, I beg my pardon

Cause y’all niggas is starving looking for a bargain

Gone and roll that weed yea I think it’s time to spark it

Cause I be running through them trees niggas call me Tarzan

What you think? We won’t stop! Gone stop? Silly ho

I’m living out my dreams, don’t you dare hit that alarm clock

I’m laid up with your girlfriend You knocking like what u doing nigga?

The fuck you doing? Bullshitting


I hit you with an AMC, my nigga that’s a full clip

And you could be like me if you just quit with all the bullshit

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