《Queen of Peace》歌詞:byFlorence and the Machine mp3歌詞

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[Verse 1]

Oh, the king

Gone mad within his suffering

Called out for relief

Someone cure him of his grief

[Verse 2]

His only son

Cut down, but the battle won

Oh, what is it worth

When all that’s left is hurt?


Like the stars chase the sun

Over the glowing hill, I will conquer

Blood is running deep

Some things never sleep


Suddenly I’m overcome

Dissolving like the setting sun

Like a boat into oblivion

Cause you’re driving me away

Now you have me on the run

The damage is already done

Come on, is this what you want?

Cause you’re driving me away

[Verse 3]

Oh, the queen of peace

Always does her best to please

Is it any use?

Somebody’s gotta lose

[Verse 4]

Like a long scream

I’ll bear all this echoing

Oh, what is it worth?

All that’s left is hurt

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus]


And my love is no good

Against the fortress that it made of you

Blood is running deep

Sorrow that you keep



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