《I039m Your Puppet》歌詞:byJamesBobby Purify mp3歌詞

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Pull the string and I’ll wink at you, I’m your puppet

I’ll do funny things if you want me to, I’m your puppet

Mm. I’m yours to have and to hold

Darling, you’ve got full control of your puppetPull them little strings and I’ll kiss your lips, I’m your puppet

Snap your fingers and I’ll turn you some flips, I’m your puppet

Mm, your every wish is my command

All you got to do is wiggle your little hand

I’m your puppet, I’m your puppet I’m just a toy, just a funny boy

That makes you laugh when you’re blue

I’ll be wonderful, do just what I’m told

I’ll do anything for youI’m your puppet, I’m your puppetJust pull them little strings and I’ll sing you a song, I’m your puppet

Make me do right or make me do wrong, I’m your puppet.

Mm, treat me good and I’ll do anything

I’m just a puppet and you hold my string, I’m your puppetYour walking, talking, kissing, loving puppet

I’m hanging on a string,

I’ll do anything, love you ‘n’ kiss ya

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