《Lake Bodom》歌詞:byChildren of Bodom mp3歌詞

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Children Of Bodom(死神之子樂團)

Lake Bodom


Get me some divison,

I called the dead by night to the god!

Allay the chaos!

Chains to my last victim!

Set up the lights on the way to the skies

Raising my sword to the lord!

calling your death in a black obsession,

the only way WOW!


So wait for salvation

Coming to me!

Life to the saint,

Life for me!

Your lord,

who smashed this bloody god on earth,

is tonight by my side,

take me to the place to die for you,

and give me life in flames!

It’s black after light,

An Odysee of the end,

A lord of chaos to be,

Searching my dreams of the lifes in my vision

It’s a night of war, YEAH!

The son of the night was,

left to destroy

I wait now to destroy…



why this bloody god on earth,

is always by my side,

Take me to the place where I die for you.


The last song of hate

Is a song of my heart

tonight’s gonna be,- yeah!

something wild!

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