《Big Guns The 》歌詞:byJenny Lewis With The Watson Twins mp3歌詞

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Big guns

Well you praise him

Then you thank him

‘Til you reach the by-and-by

And I’ve won hundreds at the track

But I’m not betting on the afterlife

Then you kiss his lips

He forgives you for it

He forgives you for all you’ve done

But not me

I’m still angry

What have I done?

Why am I always missing

The big guns?

First I’ll build a sword

Get some words to explain

It’s a plan, brother, at least

And I’ll pretend that everybody here wants peace

Have mercy, have mercy

Have mercy on me

Cause we’re tired and lonely

And we’re bloody

What have we done?

Why are we still running from our own failing bodies?

The big guns…

Sing mercy, sing mercy

Sing mercy on me

Let’s pretend that everybody here wants peace

What have we done?

Why are we still chasing our own tails?

The big guns…

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