《Break the Bank》歌詞:byScHoolboy Q mp3歌詞

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[Verse 1]

Fuck rap, I’ve been rich, crack by my stick shift

Oxy like concerts, always my bread first

GetMine my nickname, O-X and cocaine

Nina my new thing, blew up before fame

Heart filled with octane, fire in my soul

Burn through my shoestring, came up from boosting

Du-rags and flatlines, drive-by’s at bedtime

Get down, I earn mine, someone lost they Grandson

Thank God that I’m straight, no wonder my mom prayed

Lost one of my cuzzos, cursed from them devils

Good weed and me time, goodbye to Nissan

Cause one day this rappin’ gon’ pay


So now we ’bout to break the bank, money be on my mind

Fuck you niggas talkin’ ’bout, soundin’ like la-da-di-do, la-di-da-di-da-di-do

Now we ’bout to break the bank, money be on my mind

Fuck you niggas talkin’ ’bout, soundin’ like la-da-di-do, la-di-da-di-da-di-do

La-da-di-do, la-di-da-di-da-di-do

La-da-di-do, la-di-da-di-da-di-do, fuck you niggas talkin’ ’bout

La-da-di-do, la-di-da-di-da-di-do

La-da-di-do, la-di-da-di-da-di-do, now we ’bout to break the bank

[Verse 2]

My time to show out, finally the illest Crip

And I guarantee, I spit harder than concrete

Surprised I got teeth, my lungs inhale keef

Peyote with THC, swingin’ for the fence

I hope I make it out the park, where the baseheads slide

After dark, where the bangers get caught

Hid the gun in the trees, arrest me by the court

I just wanna smoke weed and sip lean by the quart, for real

Good weed, I hit that, crack rock, I sold that

Oxy, I hid that, right by my nutsack

Fuck pigs, I bust back, learned that from Deuce rap

Peanut and B-loon, had gats before racks

Way ‘fore I found rap, bitch I had them things wrapped

Astro on my cap, this shot ain’t no phone app

Chucks on my young heel, make sure that my sag ill

Learn my set trip grill, trade in my big wheel

Good grades and skipped school, this life gon’ catch up soon

Sure ‘nough that shit did, 20 year old kid

Got off my behind, write me some sweet lines

Cause one day my story gon’ pay



Your bitch wanted cash, get her, know I’m around boy

Tell Kendrick move from the throne, I came for it

I hope this fuckin’ hit arrange for it, cause Goddamn


What you talkin’ ’bout if it ain’t ’bout the money?

Neck full of gold, I’m attracted to the honey

Rain, sleet, snow, ’bout the money

On Figueroa, close your eyes, might need ya mommy

[Verse 3]

Fuck rap, my shit real, came up off them pills

Hustle for my meal, grindin’ for my deal

Love how I’m doing, long way from grooving

Bitch call me 2 Chainz, units be moving

Go hard for my Joy, so she don’t need no boy

Smile stay on her face, big room with her own space

Up all night, the hard way, don’t care if it take all day

I let y’all fucks parler, you wonder why I’m straight

New shoes and sick clothes, bitches be front row

Bow down her temple, I don’t know her info

Threw up my peace sign, go rare with mignon

Cause one day this rappin’ gon’ pay

[Hook] + [Bridge]

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