《Overload》歌詞:by Karlsson Strid Soilwork mp3歌詞

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Still I’m spreading my disease

You’ll work it out this time

Hell no, I won’t retreat

Two times won’t make it happen

Three times won’t make it go

Overcome, make it run

I insist to make it flow

Now I’m chasing what I’ve learned

You won’t be blind this time

Getting back what they have burned

Two times won’t make it happen

Three times won’t mage it go

Overload, still it grows

I resist and make it flow


Trusting the ways of my vulnerable heart

A million times before I get things right.

So fragile it hurts when I just fall apart.

Your search for dreams may falter

Paying back won’t make it turn

Four times won’t make it happen

Five times won’t make it go

Overrule, from a tool

that brings me everlasting pain

Those thoughts are ruling my valuable time

In search for shelter I draw the lines

Won’t you give me another break to examine

my growing and countless mistakes


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