《Gateway Drug》歌詞:byBebe Rexha mp3歌詞

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Gateway Drug

You hit me up at 3 A.M. on a Friday night

Say you ain't feelin' right

You need to see my face right now

You ain't over it, just wanna talk a bit

If you wanna talk, let's talk about the way you left me

Left me with a text so cold (yeah)

Even though I'd die to see you

I don't trust myself to meet you

'Cause we both know

That your kiss is a gateway drug

Once you get one, it's never enough

Your kiss is a gateway drug


Kissin' leads to

Touchin' leads to

Lovin' leads to

Fuckin' leads to

Someone always seems to get hurt (yeah)

Everythin' mean nothin'

You said that you loved me

If you really loved me, why'd you leave me like that

Why'd you go around and talk shit like that

Behind my back, love don't do shit like that, ooh

Left me with a text so cold (mm)

(Your kiss is a gateway drug)

(You're never enough)

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