《Jazzmatic》歌詞:by Substantial amp Steph the Sapphic Songstress Bop Alloy mp3歌詞

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HOOK (Steph the Sapphic Songstress & Substantial)

The music will take your breath away

Come escape with us lets get away

They said Hip-Hop was dead yesterday

But we back at it

And the sound is Jazzmatic!


VERSE (Substantial)

This is the soundtrack for the everyday fellow

Hella laid back, super smooth, way mellow

No say hello

To the crew at my left

Marcus D on the beat, background, that’s Steph

Sound that fresh,

Add a touch of Jazz

Like Jazzy Jeff

And it make suckers mad

When we do our thing!

It all blend perfectly

Like Disaronno & Ginger we’re certainly

The flavor of the year

Bangin’ in your ear

So much love ain’t no room for haters over here

Let me make t clear

What our mission is

Provide “chillaxtion” for our listeners

And I hope you let us set the mood

Just for you

Get in groove

The vibe is fresh

Hot to death

And it sound so good, hell, I’m impressed

Man we ain’t come here looking for comp to outdo

Just want fans to know we can’t do without you

Ain’t shit without y’all

So we give it our all

With a soundscape cooler than the middle of Fall

When we jazz it up

That’s what’s up

I know you ain’t had enough

Who bad as us?

Sounds so fabulous

Back it up…

Sounds so fabulous

Yo let me wrap it up.

Come on!


BRIDGE (Steph)

(Wake up)

It’s so fresh like rising to greet the morning’s glow

(Rise and shine, it’s us)

Marcus, Substan, and Steph in case you didn’t know.

Break from the norm and try this flavor for the palette of your ear.

It’s our year, and if that wasn’t clear enough, try hearing us and know…



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