《We Can Make It》歌詞:byNathan Angelo mp3歌詞

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Verses 1

I’m just another / younger brother

Member of the family

I’m on a mission / my one ambition

Setting every prisoner free


Well, we’ve been here / For ten thousand years

Brighter than the shining sun

Gonna make you proud

Keep-a singin’ loud

Won’t rest until the work is done

Til the work is done


We can make it / We can find a way

Yeah, you know

Well I don’t mean maybe

You might think I’m crazy to say

Believe me when I tell you so

Verse 2

My heart was empty / but I had plenty

Cause true love ever will provide

The deeper I go / the One I follow

Leads me up into the light


Lord, I know a place / That is fixed in love’s embrace

We’ll be washed in the light ‘til we finally see the truth

Alt 1

We’ll move up to the light so we finally see the truth

Alt 2

We will shine with the light and we’ll finally see the truth


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