《Missing Dogs》歌詞:bySaintseneca mp3歌詞

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I was missing

missing dogs

I should’ve given you some thought

Wring the gooses neck

Stretch him out on the boat deck

Wandering eye dilate

And if you die of light

Is that overexposed or underclothes?

So oh my God

if you take me

Or Oh my God

if you take me down

Can we forget about this?

Take a break for a couple of years

Just hang out for a couple of years

and if it endures

You know its pure

But what if I return and I’m empty?

Am I really wrong for heat seeking?

When I went to sleep when I was 17

You know I’d go to sleep all knowing

I was missing

missing dogs

I shouldn’t given you some thought

I was breathing divine wind

I was humming human hymns

I’ll never get over him


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