《Out of Range》歌詞:byChris Velan mp3歌詞

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Chris Velan: Out Of Range

Well, you disappeared this morning

And youa??ve been gone

For the good part of the day

With your invisible radio crackling

And those eyes that say stay away

And where you go is a mystery

Cause your body never leaves

Ita??s onl your expression that turns strange

When you get out of range

There are rivers raging below these streets

And mountains growing underneath the sea

When you hear hidden decibels

You ask does it happen much to me

Then you beg me to come find you

And pull you back to ground

Tether you to something that wona??t change

When you get out of range

When you come back to the moment

And the water settles clear

Then we can both be citizens of nowhere

Nowhere else but here

And then gravity will cradle you

Call on your return

And never give you reason to exchange

When you get out of range


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