《What039s It Feel Like to Be a Ghost》歌詞:by Taking Back Sunday Taking Back Sunday mp3歌詞

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Taking Back Sunday

What’s It Feel Like To Be a Ghost?

…Then you said a little more about your dreams like that was my call

‘If youwould only listen’

Bypassed everything and went straight for the neck

I study

We’re studied

Up nightly

Dreagged you out into the streets before you buckled at the knees and said

Louder, say it louder now …

‘What’s it feel like to be a ghost?’

Quick just not quite painless it sits perched on oyour arms tacky and irrelevant a

permanent reminder that, oh Christ, Ihave no idea what I am doing…

I said, ‘So look closely, there might be something you like’

‘What was it like?’

I look so close but it’s been months and who knows if I will get this right …

Oh and I…

I study

Up nightly ….

Dragged you out and into the streets before you buckled at your knees…

A simple question

Asked three times fast

‘Are you up?

Are you up for?

Are you up for this?’


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