《It039s Bigger Than HipHop( hiphop Remix) (featuring Tahir and People039s Army)》歌詞:by V. Williams Dead Prez mp3歌詞

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“hip-hop”* remix [radio

tuning] It’s

still bigger than hip hop hip hop hip hop hip It’s

bigger than hip hop hip hop hip hop hip hop [verse

1] Uhh

uhh, uhh, One

thing ’bout music when it’s real they get scared Got

us slavin for the welfare Aint

no food clothes, or, healthcare I’m

down for guerilla warfare All

my niggas put your guns in the air if you really don’t care Skunk

in the air make, a nigga wanna buck in the air For

my brother locked up in the jump for a year Shit

is real out here don’t believe these videos This

fake ass industry gotta pay to get a song on the radio Really

though dp’z, gon’ let you know It’s

just a game of pimps and hoes And

it’s all ’bout who you know Not

who we are or, how we grow I

rap ’bout what I know what, I go through What

I been through not, just for no dough Even

though the rent due what, I’m into ain’t for no dough Or

just no fame everything, must change nothin, remains the same Sick

of the same ol’ thang it’s, bigger than “bling bling” Hook


i feel, it I feel it if, I don’t I, don’t If

it ain’t really real then I probably won’t Rollin

with my soldiers live, soldiers ready, to ride For

this real hip hop y’all I’m ready to die Uhh

hip, what hop what hip what hop what hip what hop what hip what Hop

c’mon c’mon, my, soldiers live, soldiers ready, to ride For

this real hip hop y’all I’m ready to die [verse

2] Hip

hop means sayin what I want never bite my tongue Hip

hop means teaching the young If

you feelin what I’m feelin then you hearin what I’m sayin Cause

these fake fake records just keep on playin What

you sayin huh dp bringin the funk Let

the bassline rattle your trunk uhhh, Punk!

pig wit a badge wanna handcuff me ’cause my pants that’s tend to sag Hip

hop means throw up your rag soldier, flag Whether

ridin on the bus or you stole a jag M-1

mean freedom burn, the cash Revolutionary

love til the day we pass Will

they play it on the radio Maybe

not maybe, so we gon keep it pumpin though Everybody

know we headed for the whoa fo, sho [verse

3] Ay

dogg that label is that slave ship Owners

got them whips and rappers is slaves If

you really wanna eat you gotta hear the same thing With

the football b-ball, or, if you slangin that dope Aint

never seen no hope brainwash, video shows be foolin my folk What

the hell a brother gon do though huh, When

the rent due when, the lights and the gas gonna get cut off Drop

them raps or cock them gats Aint

never had shit ever since we came to this bitch Why

I gotta feel pain to get rich ‘stead

of stackin chips finna, pack them clips Hook

2x (ride

to this if you miss tupac bounce, to this if you love big poppa) We

keep it crunkah


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