《My Destiny Coming to Pass》歌詞:bySirenia mp3歌詞

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This is my destiny coming to pass

This is my one and only life torn and

Splintered, fallen apart

This is the night that I’ve been drawn

Towards so many times

This night consumed my light

All I ever wanted was to break free

From the night

All I ever wanted was a day of light

This is my legacy, shattered to dust

This was the one and only home for my

Persistence, wrecked so unjust

This is the endless strife that I’ve been broken by

So many times

This strife destroyed my life

The chains are strong

My hands feel weak and numb

Night lingers on

These chains can’t be undone

Within these walls of devastation

I’m passing through degeneration

Confined in utter desolation

In vile perpetuation I scream in desperation.

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