《Finally Free》歌詞:byJackopierce mp3歌詞

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I didn’t know high till I fell low

Didn’t know stop only knew go

My young life was out of control

Yah – you know

Didn’t know pretty till I saw you

Didn’t know lost till I lost you

Back on track – swear to be true

Didn’t know lost till I lost you


I’d written off love as something I’d lost

Then she came along just like a song

Best ones come when you aint even thinking bout ‘em

They open your eyes and open your heart

A fresh lease on life – a new morning start

Now I’m finally free

Now I’m finally free

We know love is never easy

She sees me the way no one sees me

I’m never as cool as I try to be

She tells me the truth so gently


So come sit under this palm tree

Sun is setting evenings breazy

I don’t deserve all she gives me

We lay and dream of how it will be

It will be

[Chorus x2]

Now I’m finally free


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