《The Gove Curve》歌詞:byRumour Cubes mp3歌詞

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The Gove Curve

Cold white fish on wood

Beneath the river

Fast bright schools

Bleed silver,


bend, stab, bend

Touch on light on scales they

Divest and vie.

Patterns on tiers

Of municipal glass

“The money follows the child”

Attend, to the fish bone

The slim neck,

Crooked hush,

A down,

Put down handle

“Stab in the dark”

In a film, handle

An old black phone, what?

For this one is the gove-curve

No this one is the gove-curve

The river,

The silt,

Smoothed cling film gutted

Gape of rock

Where guts slip,

Deep. Red. Oak. Grain.

The state is narrow

& you are basically gone

Gone all bone-scuba

It is in the varnished fucking floor

Your face a rut around us

Build. To. Up. Crinkle. Shine.

Like the winds that hurt us

On Mars.


Float perfectly sad leaf

Float bright fresh green fold

Feathers torn the dead wing, sunk

In the wreath boat, sunk

In fine claps of copper flame

Orange and green flecks

Silent: carnival

Blinkless: eyes.

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