《Can039t Turn Back Time》歌詞:byNatasha Thomas mp3歌詞

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So sorry, that you’re gone, I never meant to hurt you, no no

And leaving you was wrong, I thought I was in love with

Some one new, but the only one is you


And while being with him, looking at him, I’m thinking of you,

(I can’t let go)

Whatever we do, I’m telling the truth, my heart is with you,

(I want you to know)

I wanna go back but I can’t do that, cause I crossed the line,

And I can’t turn back time

I think I’m gonna fall, cause you’re not there to hold me, oh oh

And he’s not like you at all, but I know it’s too late, I made my

Choice, but still I hear your voice


I’d like to give you all of me, tonight, ironically you’ll

Never see, ooh

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

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