《Bob Dylan039s Blues》歌詞:by Dylan Bob Dylan mp3歌詞

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Well, the Lone Ranger and Tonto

They are riding down the line

Fixing everybody’s troubles

Everybody’s except mine

Someone musta told them that I was doing fine

Oh, you five-and-ten cent women

With nothing in your heads

I got a real gal I’m loving

Lord, I’ll love her till I’m dead

Go away from my door and my window, too

Right now

Lord, I ain’t going down to no race track

See no sports car run

I don’t have no sports car

And I don’t even care to have one

I can walk anytime around the block

Well, the wind keeps a-blowing me

Up and down the street

With my hat in my hand

And my boots on my feet

Watch out so you don’t step on me


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