《8Bit Heart》歌詞:by simon curtis Simon Curtis mp3歌詞

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8Bit Heart

Simon Curtis

What would you say if I said that I want you?

Would you laugh at me

and maybe think I was crazy?

‘Cause I don’t know any other way

than to say the way that I feel

But it doesn’t ever work

and it hurts to the bone

always feeling so damn alone

Is it so, so wrong to love?

Baby is it so, so wrong to love?

Is it so, so wrong to love

and to be loved in return?

I don’t know what to do

’cause I think that I need you

And I’m afraid ’cause intuition’s telling me

that you don’t feel the same

Ooh I wanna hold your hand

but I don’t think you understand

just how I’m feeling inside

Oh baby please don’t play with strings that dangle me

because I’d rather have nothing than lies.


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