《Somebody039s Gonna Love You》歌詞:byMatt Wertz mp3歌詞

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Matt Wertz – Somebody’s Gonna Love You

Everybody is digging for gold

Looking for shine in somebody’s eyes

I thought I saw a shimmer in yours

So I pulled you in close, held on tight

Sometimes you want someone so bad

You tell yourself lies

Hope they’ll come true

If love is a thing you can have

I never knew how to give it to you

I know there’s someone out there for me

Somebody’s gonna love you right

But right now it’s just you and me

Trying to say goodbye

Nobody said it was easy

To find yourself a love that’s true

I learned that the hard way

Trying to be that man for you

So let go

Time knows something we don’t

There’s someone out there for me

Goodbye goodbye goodbye

Somebody’s gonna love you


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