《Doxa》歌詞:byMonuments mp3歌詞

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This is the reason why I can’t sleep tonight

they’re killing on my left

dying on my right

Everywhere I look fills me with fear

beliefs I once had become so unclear.

I dare to rub out the lines draw from a new idea

but I’m stuck in this prison

stuck in this prison

no one can help me break free

Born sick commanded to be well

stuck in a losing struggle

it’s a dark existence meaningless and cold

impossible to escape from

Trapped inside this fist of rage

held down by the hand that made me

there is no escape while the shepherds block the gates

Now do I qualify for survival

I don’t fear death like an American idol

are we the ones that have to bleed

what luck that we don’t think

Silent screams who wants to testify

instinctively we try to hide

breathlessly I hope to re-design

how I think amongst all these painted smiles

Nothing is set in stone

we fuel the machine that feeds of the death of our own

nothing is what it seems

we follow the trend that keeps us in time

what is real?

Nothing is set in stone

we fuel the machine that’s feeds of the death of our own

Straight away I wont hesitate to call you out

straight away I can see that your all afraid

its time to make up your own mind its time to make yourselves

Rectify beliefs

I won’t be held down by the hand that made me

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