《Holy One 》歌詞:byRush of Fools mp3歌詞

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Rush of Fools – Holy One

★ 卜超

Face to the ground, I’m not proud

Of all you must see when you look at me

I tremble at first, as You wash the dirt

The dirt from my feet

And I see my need for thee

You lift me up, Holy One, Holy One

When I but come, you’re enough, you’re enough

You fill me up with your love, with your love

To you I run, Holy One, Holy One

All other noise, fades away

Like all of the fear, when Your voice I hear

You’re beckoning me, to come and just be

A child at Your feet

Seeing my need for thee

Your enough to satisfy

When the world has left me only dry

Enough to save my life

When the world has left me here to die


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