《I Loved》歌詞:by The Elijah The Elijah mp3歌詞

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Did i ever care enough to stop myself

Did my begging heart get the better of me

My hate can’t exist if i’m alone in this body

My hate can’t exist alone

Every breath of this plagued air that you’re breathing in

You’re breathing death

As sorry as I already AM I can’t stop this from happening

Nothing ever lasts in my head full of lies

And in my selfish begging heart

The same heart that want’s you in my blood

It want’s you to feel. It wants to hold you

I’m not lonely for once but I know it wont stay

And I’m sleeping at nights but my love fades away

The days become longer

My hands are so frail

There’s a numbness surrounding and I’ve nothing to say

I felt love for a while

But it died in the promises

I felt love for a while but it died

Had i loved you before it ever had a chance just to be love.


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