《Everything’S Gonna Be Alright》歌詞:bySweetbox mp3歌詞

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Everything's gonna be alright

Who ever thought the sun will come crashing down

My life in flames

My tears complete the pain

We fear the end, the dark as deep as river bed

My book of life incomplete without you here

Alone I sit and reminisce

Sometimes I miss your touch

Your kiss, your smile

And meanwhile you know I never cry

'Cause inside you know our love will never ever die

Everything's gonna be alright (yeah)

Everything's gonna be OK (no doubt)

Everything's gonna be alright

Together we can take this one day at a time

Can you take my breath away (yeah)

Can you give him life today? (no doubt)

'Cause everything's gonna be OK

I'll be your strength

I'll be here when you wake up

Take your time

And I'll be here when you wake up (ha ha)

I never thought my heart will miss a single beat

Caress your hand as I watch you while you sleep

So smooth

I weep as I search within

To find a cure to bring you back again

And the sun will rise

Open up your eyes

Suprised just a blink

Of an eye

I try, I try to be positive

You're a fighter so fight

Wake up and live

Everything's gonna be alright

(I'll wait a lifetime)

I'd give my life to only see you breathe again

Hand in hand as we walk on the white sands

To hear your voice

Rejoice as you rise and say

This is the day that I wake pray OK

Today's silence as time just moves on

You can hear it though

But I'm playing my favorite songs

I miss you much

I wish you'd come back to me

You see I waited lifetime

'Cause you're my destiny

Everything's gonna be alright (no doubt)

Everything's gonna be alright


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