《Very Little Glory》歌詞:byOpposition mp3歌詞

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I look at you and I see me, one two extra lines maybe

You tell me not to worry well I don’t much

It’s a laugh it’s all show really

You watch TV I wonder what you see

You’ve found your place I’m having trouble finding mine.

It’s the same, the same old story

Life and love with very little glory.

I look at you and I see me

Sometimes I wonder if you’re happy.

You say friendship is all you really need but I’ve been hurt more once

I look at you and I wonder what I’ll be;

carrying bags somewhere than just another little bore

It’s the same…

Well laugh I almost cried it’s so easy it’s so simple

Well laugh I almost died it’s so easy it’s so simple

Then you get to the point where I think you’re wrong.


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