《Will You Dance》歌詞:by Naomi amp Goro NaomiGoro mp3歌詞

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someone is waiting

over by the window

just beyond the stairwell

someone`s crying

Drowing in the words

of the prophets that are written

for the dead and the dying

someone `s lying

No one`s buying

someone`s is dying

panic in the streets

can`t get no release

someone eacaping

waiting on a line

for the holy revolution

parading illusion

someone`s using

Most amusing

will you dance? will you dance?

smell of caviar and roses

Teach your children all the poses

how familliar are we all…

will you dance? will you dance?

light fantastic in the morning

How romantic to be whoring

boring though it may be

who`ll survive

if you and l should fall?

someone is bleeding

crimson in the night

strangers, in the light

a sudden meeting

Greeting one by one

every life rund flashing

before those dashing eyes

Will you dance? Will you dance?

take a chance on romance and a big surprise?


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