《Prospect 》歌詞:byNesian Mystik mp3歌詞

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Small town boy got big city dreams

He feels the chill of the night through his jeans

It bites the skin like the knife he carries

Shadows his face underneath his hoody

Walks to a home that the government owns

Holes fill the walls where the photos should go

Last night’s takeaways is still in the stove

He takes a…

Seat at the table and go over his notes


He’s trying make it

While trying to hide

Two edges

To his double life

School of

Thought to his left

And hard knocks

To his right

He’s just trying survive


Streetwise way beyond his years

Can launch his fists like he handles Shakespeare

Nobody knows and he doesn’t care

All that matters are the colours he wears

Hungry for something that he can’t eat

Calms his nerves with every word that he sees

Lights his cigarette, has a cup of tea

He takes a seat at the table and continues to read



Rise and shine but nothing looks bright

Books camouflaged by cans

He jumps on his bike

Dad gave it as a gift last night

Wonder if he’s changed for good this time

Shrugs and hopes for the best,

got his headphones on

Prepares for the test mouthing words to the song

Miss gave him props on a job well done

“An A parents must be proud of you son”

Smiling back with a nod little does she know

Enrolled himself with no help from home

Hides the bike in the bushes

Scared it might be hot so he doesn’t want to push it

Game face hard

Raise hoodie full mast

Set sail through the yard

Play jester of the class


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