《Notget》歌詞:by Bj?rk Bj?rk mp3歌詞

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Once you fell out of love

Our love couldn’t carry you

And I didn’t even notice, for

Our love kept me safe from death

You doubted the light

And the shelter it can give

For in love we are immortal

Eternal and safe from death

If I regret us, I’m denying my soul to grow

Don’t remove my pain, it is my chance to heal

We carry the same wound

But have different cures

Similar injuries

But opposite remedies

After our love ended

Your arms don’t carry me

Without love I feel the abyss

Understand your fear of death

I will not forget this Not Get!

Will you not regret having love let go?

After our love ended

Your spirit entered me

Now we are the guardians

We’ll keep her safe from death


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